The Rainbow

Well it’s still winter and the hubs is deployed, all is not super awesome, but all is good, and I suppose that’ll have to do for now. I just need less snow and things to stop breaking/going wrong. Along side the regulars, frozen car and endless snow, are the new comers, leaky toilet, water damaged base board, and broken garage door. Ya know what they say when it rains, it pours, and these last 3 weeks have us like…


The weather forecast today said 30% chance of snow, which is pretty low right? Yeah, it snowed all morning and we got like 4 inches. It stopped snowing for a moment, the sun came out, and then it started snowing again. What is that? Why is that? I mean I just…



Today I thought I would share a short conservation, it’s not really a scene yet, from my new story idea that I will start working on soon. It will be written under the working title of “The Rainbow”. The screenplay will focus on a married couple Andrew and Rachel (Barnes) Prescott. After a false alarm they warm up to the idea of having baby, sadly, however their road to parenthood is paved with miscarriages. The story will follow them through the ups and downs, the effect it has on their relationship, and finish with the joyous arrival of their rainbow baby. This is a term used to embody happiness after sadness, and the rainbow after the storm.

I don’t know yet where this scene will take place, probably have her on the couch or something like that, and I have no idea what happens before or after. This conservation just came to mind one day, and I wrote it down. Just a little advice, always, always, always, write down what comes to mind, or else you’ll lose it.

With out further delay…

(The spacing did some weird things after it was published, that I couldn’t really fix, sorry about that.)




                                             I’m just…

She pauses for a moment.



Andrew shakes his head, gets down on his knee, and takes her hand. Rachel looks at him, tears in her eyes.


                                        Babe you’re not broken. You’re just —

He thinks for a moment. He looks as though nothing is coming to mind.


                                      Um. I’m not sure what you are. But you’re not broken.

Rachel smiles and laughs. Andrew smiles and shakes his head.


                                   I’m sorry I couldn’t think of anything.


                                 You said just what I needed to hear.

They look at each other for a moment. Rachel smiles.


                                 I love you.

Andrew kisses her hand.


                               I love you. And Rach you’re not a failure. You’re not broken. We’ll get                                 there. Maybe the key is to stop trying so hard and, just let it happen                                 when it happens.

He thinks for a moment.


                              I just. I don’t want to be so focused on having a baby that we lose us in                                the process. Let’s stay us for the baby. Because he or she will find us.


Stay warm and safe friends, it seems that winter is being a punk everywhere.

Until next time,

The Texan



Spring Has Sprung??


I heard through the grapevine that yesterday was the first day of spring, I would say that that is boulder-dash! Because from where I sit it doesn’t look or feel much like spring, it looks and feels very much like winter. Boo winter!! Lets take a gander at what the day after the first day of spring looks like in this neck of the woods.

Lovely is not? As you can imagine I am not terribly pleased by this lack of change in the season, allow me to walk you through the stages of my winter grief…

Step 1: Mild sadness


Step 2: Disgust


Step 3: Grumpiness


Step 4: Hostility


Step 5: Humor covered displeasure


Step 6: Ugh…


Spring? Spring? Where for art thou spring? Do make haste, the Texan is chilly…and well all of the above. For now I will leave you with my favorite bit of spring related humor. It was one of the first things I pinned on Pinterest when I started my account back in…2012 I think it was, and still gets me every time I see it.


Until next time,

The Texan


Fitting in Fitness

Greetings from New York, the state in which the governor has declared a state of emergency because of snow. Emergency snow, y’all! I mean it is directed more to the city and Long Island, but I still fall under the umbrella, and I still don’t like it. It is crazy cold, it looks like a snow globe outside, and school got released early, its just winter displaying, once again, why it sucks. I feel like Batman in the Lego Movie when he’s in Cloud Cuckoo Land, except he’s outside and its winter and he says this instead..


I planned out this post a few days ago, you know before the blizzard of the century decade showed up at my door step. And it does have a little bit to do with winter, being cold and hopes for the new year. So I figured I would just go with it. I will begin by introducing you to my Pilates lady. Her name is Lara Hudson, she’s really encouraging and helped to create a realistic workout for beginners such as myself. This is the DVD that I use..


I understand that committing to working out on regular basis can be difficult, believe me I’ve fallen off the wagon plenty of times, but this year I have decided to make fewer excuses and do more things that may be challenging but are for my own good.

Now I present my reasons why I fit in fitness:

#1: I am a student working on a degree that requires a lot of writing, a blogger, and an aspiring writer. If I don’t get up and move I’ll find myself slowly becoming part of the couch.

#2. I can join in the toast with one of these people. 007

Even though I don’t go to the gym, I just do Pilates in my living room, its the same idea.

#3. Bucky’s legs and goal to look awesome in yoga pants


#4. Its fun feeling like a bad a- oh wait I don’t want to use foul language. Its fun feeling like a bad buuttt…woman…thing. Hmm. Oh I got one, tough girl, we’ll just go with tough girl.

#5. Being able to appreciate fitness related humor such as..




I’ve made it to 16 earth downs, every day!

#6. It gets cold in my house in the afternoon, working out is a practical and beneficial way to get the blood pumping…and not be cold…at least for a little while.

Once the weather stops being junky, all. the. time, I plan to gradually add a little running into my routine. Yep should be fun, and by fun I mean pain mixed with determination, but also fun, actually more rewarding than fun. **sits in silence for a few seconds**

Any way.

If you’ll excuse me its almost workout time! But first I need to look out the window like this..


Until next time,

The Texan

Things I’ve Learned About Snow Shoveling

I am again at a loss as far as what to write about. There have been some wintery events, for lack of a better word, this week just nothing really hands on, that would produce a “pass on” worth story. The skies were gray, its was crazy windy for a couple of days, it snowed a little bit on Friday (like 1/2 inch maybe), and the high on Saturday was like seven degrees; which also happened to be the sunniest day of the week. Unfortunately, as noted in the line above that didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Winter is just kinda boring, you can’t garden, or go on picnics, or go outside with out putting five or six layers. The good news is I haven’t picked up a snow shovel in like three weeks. Uh oh..hopefully I didn’t jinx it.

**concerned sigh**

Anyway. I have learned some things about snow shoveling since moving to New York.

1. You become very aware of the muscles and ligaments that are attached to your elbows, especially when there is a nice icy chunk that you have to pick up.

2. Its a great way to feel both hot and cold at the same time.

3. It fits in nicely with the daily workout, or can become the workout for the day; especially if digging the car out of a snow cave is involved.

4. Its a great way to get silently judged by your neighbors and anyone who drives by. Now I am sure folks from the northern states get by just fine, but I know that when it snows us Southerners stick out like a sore thumb.

5. If you have forgotten about some of your muscles, shovel two feet of snow off of a driveway; you’ll find them again.

The good news is that its March, and light at the end of the winter tunnel is visible. But when I see that the low temperature on Saturday is supposed to be zero, zero!!, it makes me want to…


Come on Spring! You can do it! Show winter whose boss!

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Until next time,

The Texan

The Texan

Thus far in this blog I have shared with you all my thoughts on winter, and it has become rather apparent by now that the below picture summarizes fairly nicely my thoughts on winter.


I don’t like it. You know that, I know that; so I thought with this blog post I would write about something different…me. With a little winter humor at the end, I mean it is WINTER and the Texan after all. Of course you know I am from Texas, I’m married and have two kiddos, one cat and one dog. I am history major which is why I tend to spell out my numbers, the rule in formal writing is, spell out all numbers less than one hundred. I struggle with a vitamin D deficiency, which as you can imagine adds to my distaste for winter. I also have a gluten intolerance, a sensitivity to caramel color, and can no longer drink coffee. Major bummer I know, but I replaced coffee with tea which plays in nicely with my love for British things. I spent four years living in Germany, which provided the opportunity (or just made it a lot easier) to travel to eleven countries! Here they are in no particular order: Germany, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Ireland, England, Slovenia, and Italy (to include Sicily). I’m hoping by years end I can add Canada to my list of “have been to” countries, that shouldn’t be a problem since we basically live in Canada.

I am, at present, a student at an online university and started the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, countdown to graduation! I am working on classes five and four right now, this is the last week of class number five and class number three starts on March 6th. Class number five is the History of Russia, I mentioned my Peter the Great power point last week and I think it came out rather nicely. Class number four is Sociology of Religion (S of R), and oh yes its just as horrible as it sounds. No offense to sociology/religion majors, but this class is like the “meat and potatoes” of someone’s sociology/religion degree. And here I am a lowly history major, it is not easy. (In case you are wondering, my minor is religion, which is why I have to take it.) On Friday, which was pretty awesome day for me by the way, I checked the grade book for S of R and my professor not only gave me full credit for the forum post that week but also wrote that it was “fabulous”! What! Also on Friday I jumped from ten to thirteen push-ups! What, what!!

**We interrupt this blog post to give you a little background information. On January 1st, I started a push-up challenge (as in the not on your knees variety), starting on that day with one, and added one every day. I got stuck on a few numbers, was doing five for a while, and had been stuck on ten for like a week or so. I had told my husband the day before that I hoped I could move up to eleven soon but figured I would be stuck on ten for a few days more. And he said I’m sure you’ll be doing eleven sooner than you think, boy was he ever right!**

Yeah Friday was pretty awesome, and it left me feeling pretty good about myself.


On Saturday, we went to a birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends, and I didn’t have to spend an hour digging the car out of a snow cave and then shovel the dang driveway, thanks to warmer temperatures and sunshine. Also awesome! The party included getting to watch “The Lego Batman Movie”, one of my favorites parts was Batman’s password to get into the Batcave which was “Iron Man sucks!” So stinking funny! Because as you may have gathered I sided with Captain America. I recommend it if you have the chance.

Whoa! (notices the word count in the corner) This post has gotten rather long, I hope you will pardon my lack of brevity. But first!

Your promised winter related humor, this was me watching the dashing knight, Sir Sunshine, take down the dastardly villain, Lord Snow Cover. The best part being that Sir Sunshine took care of that half of the driveway that I did NOT shovel. Hehehe!


Until next time,

The Texan

The Snow Cave

Happy Valentine’s Day dear readers! I hope that your day is filled with love and smiles, and maybe a little chocolate, or flowers, or you know whatever floats your boat.

Last week wrote about my “whammies” and I am pleased to report that this week there are only 2 “whammies” instead of uh…3. I am feeling better, but husband is still gone and there is still school work to be done. But the good news is my husband will be back in 3 weeks and my Power Point presentation on the Russian czar Peter the Great is going to be awesome! My other class on the other know we just won’t talk about that one.


It snowed here on Sunday for eight hours! Eight hours!! And this was my reaction…


When it stopped our neighbor was once again kind enough to plow our driveway (thank you neighbor!). But then it started up again…


Yep, my thoughts exactly. Yesterday I shoveled a good 8 inches of snow off the front walk, but had decided to put off the driveway until I actually needed to move the car. **You know I have never had to deal with this much snow. And not just snow but continuous snow. When I lived in North Texas and Germany we would get like 2 significant snow falls a season, here we get 2 significant snow falls a week! Crazy!!** Today I had to go to the store so I could not put off shoveling the driveway any longer. But first, (because as I learned a few days ago, one should clean off the car then shovel the driveway, ’cause that’s the smart way to do it!) I had to dig the car out of its snow cave, which looked like this..


The layer of snow on that car was a good 6 inches thick! And yes it was heavy. I mean why is snow so heavy?! Then I had to shovel the immediate area around the car which had not been plowed, which was a good 8 or 9 inches thick, or tall. Not sure which is correct. After that was the bit of the driveway behind the car, to include the nice heavy icy chunks that the “Snow Plow Man” left at the end of the driveway. I’m just going to hope that the higher temperatures we are supposed to get this weekend will melt the rest of it. Of course the snow that is forecasted to fall on Thursday will probably complicate that plan, but I’m learning that is just the way “the cookie crumbles” in these parts. By the time I was finished I was so…tired but, I still had drag myself to the store. And to my surprise, I spent less time grocery shopping than I did removing snow from the car and half, Half!, of the driveway. **sigh**

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit at my imaginary piano and…



Until next time,

The Texan


Dear Sebastian Stan,

I keep using your picture(s), and I do hope that you don’t mind. Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Texan



The sun is shining today here in Upstate New York , which is good because it has melted all the icicles and the dirty, crusty snow chunks that were stuck to the car. The car is looking much better than it was yesterday. And all the snow that I didn’t shovel off the driveway is also gone. Thank you sunshine!  I’ve been hit with a bit of double whammy this week, husband is out of town for work and I’m not feeling well. To quote Rose Nylund, “If modern science can come up with cinnamon dental floss, why can’t they cure the flu.” Because for real, why can’t they? Oh and the mounds of school work waiting to be completed. I suppose that would be a triple whammy. So do pardon the brevity of this post.

My husband flew out of Syracuse on Sunday, so we thought we would drive down on Saturday for a little mini trip but that got delayed because of this..


..and this…


…it was certainly a nice day to have to go somewhere. Because of the aforementioned snow storm, our mini trip to Syracuse was just us eating at an okayish restaurant near the airport and letting the kids pick out what ever they wanted for a treat at the convenience store across the street. Thank you winter for that.

In short, because of whammies…



Until next time,

The Texan