We Rise

School starts on Tuesday, and I’m really broken up about that…


Yep, so sad, so sad. Anyway, this week is get ready for school week, going through clothes, checking school supplies, and attending open houses; it’s time for fall y’all. This weeks post will be brief, because I don’t have much time to, write this post and get in work out before the open house at my daughter’s dance studio.


As some of you may know, Hurricane Harvey hit south Texas last week, bringing wind, rain, and epic flooding. One of the areas affected was my hometown, La Grange, Texas. It’s a lovely little town, small businesses, historic houses, a state park, and a big river that runs right through it. The Colorado River reached it’s highest point since 1913, and hundreds of businesses and homes were flooded, including the event hall where the La Grange high school holds all their proms. It’s difficult to see that town that you know so well, so damaged.


Thankfully there are no reports of deaths or major injuries, and La Grange is a place where neighbors help neighbors. That is the interesting thing about disasters, they can bring out the best in people. Humans reaching out to other humans, donating food, time, money, and boats; for water recuses. It also makes me proud to have roots in a town like that, because I know the strong and amazing people who live there. They will recover, rebuild, and band together. For the best thing anybody can do in the aftermath of disaster, is to not let it defeat them. Keep living, and help those affected most get back on their feet. Because I know that the people of Texas are stronger than Hurricane Harvey. And the human spirit is stronger than any disaster.

Thank you to the emergency crews from outside of Texas, who come to help with rescue and recovery efforts. Please consider helping if you can, because together, we rise.

Until next time,

The Texan