The Homestretch

Good day readers! I have some super awesome amazingly stupendous news! Spring has finally found us here in Upstate New York or at the very least is trying to get its foot in the rather heavy door that winter has equipped itself with. Yesterday it got up to 77, 77 y’all!!, the sun was shining and I had the windows open all day, all day! The heater didn’t even come on! I know, awesome!! Here is a picture of our cat, Kiki, enjoying the 70 something degree sunshine.


Yesterday evening however a cold front came through, today it’s cloudy and about ten degrees cooler than it was yesterday; and I hear that we will be getting close to freezing later this week. While we are in the homestretch of winter, which is great, winter is most certainly not finished yet, which is not so great. We’re nearly there but not quite in the clear, just yet. This got me thinking about homestretches in general. The homestretch is the last bit, a sign that you’re almost finished, and that you are about to finally reap the fruits of your labor. People tend to focus on the “I’m nearly there” part, which is indeed a positive thing. However, when most people use “but you’re in the homestretch” as motivation, they often leave out that it’s the hardest part.

It’s the part where you’ve expended much of your energy and you have to dig down deep and hope that you’ll find more. It’s the part where even after all your effort, you could still lose, fall short, or something could go wrong. It’s the part where you’re the most vulnerable, but also where your determination is at its highest. It’s the make or break point. The part where it is decided just how the event, the race, the goal will be remembered; because it colors the whole thing.

For the past uh…eleven..uh..years, I’ve been working on my bachelors degree, babies and moving to/from Europe kinda slowed me down. I now only have nine credits left, nine!, and I have officially entered the homestretch. The problem is that every forum post, every research paper, every page of notes, every short essay is sitting right on my shoulders. I have had to prove myself a hundred times over, but there is still more to give; and honestly most of time I feel that there is nothing left up here. (taps on head) Now this is partly because of the work load, partly because of the uber high expectations I put on myself, and partly because I am itching to start focusing on the next chapter. As a result I often sit in front of my computer like this (refer to picture below) when it’s time to do school work.


Or like this..


Or like this…


I honestly feel bad for these last few classes because they are not getting my best work, because my heart (ie my drive, my focus) is getting pretty darn close to leaving the building. For real y’all I require a pep talk from my husband like three or four times a week. The homestretch is not easy, but it does mean that I am almost there, almost there. My motivation is to be an example to my kids to never give up, and actually be able to show them with my actions rather than just tell them. It’s knowing that one day soon, I will have that degree, and the next chapter can finally begin. It’s being able to soon basque in the glow of my accomplishment, and take a deep breath and say, “I did it.” Then I can do this (see below) with my degree!


If you are the midst of your own homestretch, I encourage you not to give up. Get that pep talk, think about the next chapter, bake that cake (you known so you can eat it), listen to your new favorite song five times in a row, whatever it will take to drum up the strength to keep pushing forward. I know its hard, but you’re almost there. And I am certain that it will all be worth it.

Until next time,

The Texan


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