The Texan

Thus far in this blog I have shared with you all my thoughts on winter, and it has become rather apparent by now that the below picture summarizes fairly nicely my thoughts on winter.


I don’t like it. You know that, I know that; so I thought with this blog post I would write about something different…me. With a little winter humor at the end, I mean it is WINTER and the Texan after all. Of course you know I am from Texas, I’m married and have two kiddos, one cat and one dog. I am history major which is why I tend to spell out my numbers, the rule in formal writing is, spell out all numbers less than one hundred. I struggle with a vitamin D deficiency, which as you can imagine adds to my distaste for winter. I also have a gluten intolerance, a sensitivity to caramel color, and can no longer drink coffee. Major bummer I know, but I replaced coffee with tea which plays in nicely with my love for British things. I spent four years living in Germany, which provided the opportunity (or just made it a lot easier) to travel to eleven countries! Here they are in no particular order: Germany, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Ireland, England, Slovenia, and Italy (to include Sicily). I’m hoping by years end I can add Canada to my list of “have been to” countries, that shouldn’t be a problem since we basically live in Canada.

I am, at present, a student at an online university and started the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, countdown to graduation! I am working on classes five and four right now, this is the last week of class number five and class number three starts on March 6th. Class number five is the History of Russia, I mentioned my Peter the Great power point last week and I think it came out rather nicely. Class number four is Sociology of Religion (S of R), and oh yes its just as horrible as it sounds. No offense to sociology/religion majors, but this class is like the “meat and potatoes” of someone’s sociology/religion degree. And here I am a lowly history major, it is not easy. (In case you are wondering, my minor is religion, which is why I have to take it.) On Friday, which was pretty awesome day for me by the way, I checked the grade book for S of R and my professor not only gave me full credit for the forum post that week but also wrote that it was “fabulous”! What! Also on Friday I jumped from ten to thirteen push-ups! What, what!!

**We interrupt this blog post to give you a little background information. On January 1st, I started a push-up challenge (as in the not on your knees variety), starting on that day with one, and added one every day. I got stuck on a few numbers, was doing five for a while, and had been stuck on ten for like a week or so. I had told my husband the day before that I hoped I could move up to eleven soon but figured I would be stuck on ten for a few days more. And he said I’m sure you’ll be doing eleven sooner than you think, boy was he ever right!**

Yeah Friday was pretty awesome, and it left me feeling pretty good about myself.


On Saturday, we went to a birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends, and I didn’t have to spend an hour digging the car out of a snow cave and then shovel the dang driveway, thanks to warmer temperatures and sunshine. Also awesome! The party included getting to watch “The Lego Batman Movie”, one of my favorites parts was Batman’s password to get into the Batcave which was “Iron Man sucks!” So stinking funny! Because as you may have gathered I sided with Captain America. I recommend it if you have the chance.

Whoa! (notices the word count in the corner) This post has gotten rather long, I hope you will pardon my lack of brevity. But first!

Your promised winter related humor, this was me watching the dashing knight, Sir Sunshine, take down the dastardly villain, Lord Snow Cover. The best part being that Sir Sunshine took care of that half of the driveway that I did NOT shovel. Hehehe!


Until next time,

The Texan

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