The sun is shining today here in Upstate New York , which is good because it has melted all the icicles and the dirty, crusty snow chunks that were stuck to the car. The car is looking much better than it was yesterday. And all the snow that I didn’t shovel off the driveway is also gone. Thank you sunshine!  I’ve been hit with a bit of double whammy this week, husband is out of town for work and I’m not feeling well. To quote Rose Nylund, “If modern science can come up with cinnamon dental floss, why can’t they cure the flu.” Because for real, why can’t they? Oh and the mounds of school work waiting to be completed. I suppose that would be a triple whammy. So do pardon the brevity of this post.

My husband flew out of Syracuse on Sunday, so we thought we would drive down on Saturday for a little mini trip but that got delayed because of this..


..and this…


…it was certainly a nice day to have to go somewhere. Because of the aforementioned snow storm, our mini trip to Syracuse was just us eating at an okayish restaurant near the airport and letting the kids pick out what ever they wanted for a treat at the convenience store across the street. Thank you winter for that.

In short, because of whammies…



Until next time,

The Texan

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