A Little Bit of Sunshine

Well it has been another rather dull winter weather week, although because highs were in the 40s for a few days all the snow, in our yard at least, melted. The remains of “Snowba the Hutt” was the last to go, and we were a little sad about it. But the good thing is, all that nasty, crusty stuff at the end of the driveway melted, and we’re (or at least I’m) quite happy about that. But then in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, the atmosphere said, “Have some freezing rain!”


Which gave us some nice crunchy grass! And growing up near Houston, Texas, that’s about as close to snow as we would get. Given the severity of the ice, school was cancelled and my husband didn’t have to go to work! So free day off, yeah!

Now my original plan for this post was to talk how winter had been dull again, and share a recipe with you. And since the winter weather that we did get was not terribly exciting, I will take my husband’s advice and stick with my plan. The recipe I’m going to share may seem like it belongs at the summer BBQ but, its a lovely bowl of sunshine that can bring some brightness to the blah that is winter.

The recipe is for a fruit salad that is made of strawberries and mangoes, with a sweet and tart sauce made of apple cider vinegar, honey, and cinnamon. This salad is a vitamin C bomb, not to mention potassium and folic acid. This sauce has ingredients you would find in any homemade cough/cold medicine or detox tea. Its pretty awesome. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to share my method of breaking down a mango. A little “how to” if you will, and you might…haha…hmm…that may have fallen a little flat…anyway..


When shopping for a mango, you going want to find one that has some red and has no obvious blemishes, a few imperfections are fine. Give the one you select a little squeeze, it should give a little. You want it soft with out being squishy. If all the mangoes are under ripe, just leave the one that you select on the counter for a few days and that should help.


Cut off the top and bottom like so, you want the mango to be nice and stable when you start to cut off the peel.


Run your knife down the side, being careful to take off the peel with out removing too much flesh.


Try to find where the pit is, you may need to reposition your knife a couple of times, and that’s fine. Cut as close to the pit as possible to ensure that you’ll have plenty of mango for your salad. The pit in a mango is pretty flat and wide, so when you turn the mango to cut, for example, the side that is at the top of the picture you won’t get as much. You might even shave off a little pit (I have), and that’s okay too, just be mindful of that when you’re cutting the mango into chunks.


Once you have removed the pit, your mango pieces should look something like this.


Next cut it up into chunks, now you can make the pieces as big or as small as you would like, as long as they’re fairly similar to the size of your strawberry pieces. And there you have it, one cut up mango. Now to the recipe!

Strawberry and Mango Fruit Salad

1 container of strawberries (cut up into bite sized pieces)

1 mango (cut up into bite sized pieces)

2 tbsp (or so) of apple cider vinegar*

1 tbsp (or so) of honey

1/2 tsp (maybe) of cinnamon

Mix everything together in a bowl that can be put in the refrigerator. Give it a taste and adjust the amount of the last 3 ingredients if needed. **I honestly don’t do much measuring of seasonings in well, pretty much anything that I cook, so feel free to adjust the sauce ingredients as needed. Because it all depends on your personal taste, and how ripe your fruit is.** It’s best to let it hang out in the fridge for an hour or so, and then enjoy!

*I have never used any other kind of vinegar with this one, you could maybe substitute rice vinegar or another fruit vinegar, but I have no idea how it would turn out.

I hope that this fruit salad will bring some sunshine to your winter, I plan on making it later this week; I always do when we have breakfast for dinner. We might need it too, because I heard on the radio this morning that our area will be under a “lake effect watch”, starting this evening. Well…


Until next time,

The Texan


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