Thoughts On Winter

This week has been rather dull, Winter excitement wise. Most of, actually all of the snow that we got last week has melted, leaving behind only the snow that fell like 6 weeks ago; which of course is nothing more than dirty, crusty piles of icy…stuff. The skies are gray, yesterday we got ice pellets and rain, you know its just blah. And I’ve figured out why Bucky was turned into the Winter Solider, because Winter sucks. Well okay it doesn’t suck, its just terribly unpleasant, and sad looking most of the time, and…yeah, yeah, it sucks. I mean when a season gives you a bunch of snow and then makes it too cold to play outside, and then melts said snow, that’s just not okay. Now I know what you may be thinking, hey now Winter isn’t all that bad, and you’re right, it’s not. There’s Christmas, and a nice fresh new year, and…soup. So I thought I would come up with a quick “Pro-Con” list about things that happen during the Winter, and Winter in general.

Pro: Watching my dog slip slide on the icy stuff in the backyard, so funny!

Con: Having frozen dog poop stuck to your patio.

Pro: Our team made it to the Playoffs!

Con: Our team got eliminated from the Playoffs via heartbreaking loss.

Pro: In January, Winter stuff starts going on sell. I got some awesome slippers at Target yesterday!

Con: I have to wear said slippers all the time or my feet will freeze.

Pro: My awesome jacket!

Con: The fact that wearing that jacket outside doesn’t make much of a difference.

Pro: Playing in the snow!

Con: Shoveling 2 feet of snow off our driveway.

Pro: Snow on the trees, so pretty!

Con: Nothing on the trees, so not pretty.

Yes, Winter does have its moments. But I’m one of those people who is really looking forward to Spring. In the mean time, Old Man Winter, this look (refer to the picture below) is for you.


Until next time,

The Texan


Dear Sebastian Stan,

I used your picture again, and I do apologize. Anyway, love Bucky, love you. I’m a big fan!


The Texan


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