Here, Have Some Snow!

I mentioned in my first post that the region of New York that we moved to experiences lake effect snow, this is when cold air passes over warmer than the air lake water. Now the band for lake effect is very narrow because the wind direction has to be just right or all you’ll get is the outer edge flurries. Early last week there was talk of a lake effect event that was going to be big, it was expected to start on Wednesday. On Wednesday the winds shifted to the southeast and all we had here at our house was crazy winds and a few flurries. Thankfully though all that wind did dry up all that rain that we received on Monday and Tuesday, so no ice! Yay! People who live to the south of us got close to 2 feet of snow (crazy!), we got maybe an inch or 2. I found myself asking my husband a question I never thought I would ask, “So were’s all that snow we were supposed to get?!” Oh but it found us.

On Thursday morning at 5am we got a call from the school saying that classes had been cancelled for the day, and a few hours later the heavens opened. It snowed, and snowed, and snowed. My husband ended up having to stay at work all day because his replacement got stuck, and couldn’t make it. The snow came in waves, and after each wave our neighbor took it upon himself to plow our driveway. Again, our neighbor is awesome! And for some reason our dog was all about going outside that day. Not sure why. By the time it was said and (mostly) done, we had about 18 inches on the ground at our house, Friday night 2 more were added. Snow piles at the end of the driveway are once again quite tall and “Snowba the Hutt” is nothing more than a small hump in the backyard. I have never had that much snow at my house before. Crazy!


There’s no road, no sidewalk, no driveways, just snow. Oh but look there’s the “Snow Plow Man”!


This was after the third wave, see those sharp snow blower lines!


Here’s our backyard, and “Snowba the hump”.


I saw this interesting formation when I came home from the grocery store today, looks like a snow hand is trying to climb up our house.

As if all of that was not enough, around lunch time today it started to snow again. And I got a call from the school letting me know that all after school activities are cancelled do to weather. Which made me make this face…



Until next time,

The Texan


Dear Sebastian Stan,

Should you ever read this, I apologize for using that picture of your adorable self to enhance my post with out your permission and/or knowledge. I have stated before that don’t like to do that sort of thing, and I hope that you will excuse the fact I used your picture as if it is an exception to the rule. Should you wish to discuss this matter, I am available at your earliest convenience.


The Texan

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