The Temporary Melt

You know when it gets to that time in the Winter when you feel- keyword feel, focus on that word especially if the word I am about to use, makes you angry- like Winter is literally sucking the life right out of you. Okay, maybe angry was a strong word, but I know that some people (like my husband) detest the improper usage of literally. And I felt that the word feel would maybe soften literally, just a little bit.

**sits in silence for a few moments**

So anyway, it is now that time. Thus far this winter we have seen snow, dry snow, wet snow, snow that looks like the giant confetti that they use at Times Square for New Years Eve, and snow that looks like someone just opened a bag of powdered sugar right in front of your window and its blowing in the wind. And we began wonder whether said snow ever melts. Would we have to wait until say, May for the giant piles of snow at the end of our driveway to melt? Because, for real, they were getting really tall. To answer that question, no. No we would not have to wait until May, because around Christmas time it did melt, well some of it. 006

The snow on the sidewalk melted. The snow on the driveway, even all the little icy bits from the Snow Plow Man at the end of the driveway melted. And sadly, my perfect little snow ball that put on the fence for save keeping also melted. We could even see a good part of the grass in our front yard. And then…


…it snowed again. Not very much thankfully, but enough to need a snow shovel. Oh and I just noticed, doesn’t that lovely new snow look nice piled on top of the crusty, dirty old snow? I know right?! Although I did experience another winter first for me, during this time. I got in the car to drive somewhere, while it was snowing. Now I have driven in the snow before, well once. You see I took my daughter to school, and then it started to snow on the way back. Yeah, couldn’t really avoid it then. But this time it was already snowing! It may not seem like a big thing to some, but I was pretty proud of myself. And then..


..all that snow melted, leaving a nice, wet, slushy mess. This is what our backyard looked like, as of about 30 minutes ago. That big pile of snow, that was once Snowba the Hutt. Now the backyard doesn’t look too bad, mainly because nobody drives on it, or near it. The parking lots and road sides, are a different story.


This lovely slush pile is right at the end of our driveway. There is one across the street that is pretty brown, and there were several at the grocery store today that were almost black, there was so much dirt in it. Its not very ascetically pleasing.

Now I’m sure that there is more snow is on the way, in fact I know so because I’ve seen the forecast. I also know that the high is supposed to be in the teens on Friday, not to mention a low of 3. That should make all this rain we’ve been getting today nice and…frozen.

Until next time,

The Texan

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