The Dog

The heavens have once again blanketed our new home with, you guessed it, more snow. Our driveway was covered with another inch or so of the powdery stuff, that once again had to be shoveled off and tossed to the side. Goodness by the time this winter is over, the snow piles along the road and beside peoples driveways will be higher than their houses. On the plus side, after two and a half months we are once again a two car family. Which means…Yay!..I’m no longer stuck at home all day with no mode a transportation! Woohoo! Unfortunately the roads are often covered in snow and/or ice of varying depths and severity, or its simply just ridiculously cold outside. Hmm..well…at least we’re getting all of our pieces put back together, slowly but surely.

Our family has been on quite a journey these past few weeks, new house, new country or back to old/original country, new school, new friends, and new routine. The excess of newness is not something I particularly care for, but I won’t get into that right now. Although it would give me the opportunity to write, but I digress, again. Anyway.. Our poor pets have been tagging along with us this whole time, being dragged from place to place. This hotel and that hotel, spending hours in their kennels in airports and on two different airplanes, before finally settling in a new house. A house that gets rather cold and there is always snow outside. So I thought I would share their experiences with you, starting with our dog.


This is our dog, his name is Matthew. Here he is snuggling up in my husband’s robe. This was before our couches that we ordered had arrived. Fun fact! They were delivered 20 minutes before our son’s birthday party, and we had to frantically clean the dirt off the carpet, that the delivery guys had so nicely tracked in, as the first guests were getting out of their car. I know, awesome! But I digress. Oh see there, I managed to fit it in anyway.


Matthew enjoys, well maybe not enjoys, but tolerates walking around in the snow; and thinks that straight lines are boring.


Matthew does not enjoy, snow deep enough to touch his belly, snow chunks getting stuck to his legs, or his ID tag getting covered in snow. Now this was taken after his “before bed potty” so he was out there for maybe 90 seconds. I know, good times.

Most days one can find Matthew sleeping on the couch, probably snuggled up against a pillow, blanket, or robe that was left on the couch. That is his happy place, especially if one of us is sitting on the couch. I guess we’ll shall see how Matthew reacts to the winter as it progress. Some people told us that last winter when it was like -30 degrees outside…OMG!..their dog, who is about the same size as Matthew, just gave up and fell over while in yard one evening. They had to go out a retrieve said dog. They did say that they bought her “doggie snow boots” this year, to help her better deal with having to potty outside. Yeah…so we’re kinda hoping that doesn’t happen. But I guess we’ll see, I hear February is super fun in this neck of the woods.

Until next time,

The Texan


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