Let’s Go Play in the Snow!

Hi there! I would have made this post yesterday, but one of our kiddos had to stay home sick from school.  And.. Oh why yes she is feeling better. Thank you for asking! You know that sort of thing happens to her every year, she gets sick right before Christmas and has to miss out on some of the, at school, Christmas fun. I was trying to come up with a nifty word to describe this annual fun. I thought of this one word that I see people use on posts and things they put on Pinterest that has to do with like comic book related things. And since I recently became a fan of Marvel, I see it fairly often. Well to be perfectly honest, which is something I strive for, I recently became a fan of Bucky Barnes. Anyway..the word is canon. I thought, hmm..I should look up the definition for that word. And you may be thinking, wow for a writer her vocabulary stinks. Not that I blame you, you are indeed correct. English is by far my least favorite subject, and has been since the 4th grade.

The definition for canon, by the way is, “a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something in judged.” And I thought, wow that sounds awfully serious and official. So I settled on “happenstance”, which is a fancy way, well maybe not fancy, but another way to say coincidence. Anywho..what was I going to write about? Oh right, playing in the snow!

On Saturday the weather was pretty good, the sun had come out earlier in the day and it wasn’t windy, thank goodness. So we figured it would be a good day to enjoy all the snow that had accumulated the backyard in the past few days. So we layered up and headed out!


Ah, a nice blanket of snow, and a rather thick blanket at that; notice how the bottom bit of the fence is almost covered up.


It took some digging to find the grass, I had yet to encounter snow coverage this thick. It’s the same height as my glove! I would have used a ruler to show exact depth, but our furniture and things that we shipped from Germany does not arrive until the 27th. I know 2 days after Christmas. Awesome, right?!


What else can I say?


On the bright side that kids got to plow through the snow on their knees, made some snow angels, and I made this awesome perfect little snow ball. He’s still sitting out on the fence, don’t expect him to melt anytime soon. That’s nice, I guess.

Since the snow wasn’t good “snowman snow”, my husband had to improvise and make something a little different. So I present to you, for your viewing pleasure, Snowba the Hutt.


Until next time,

The Texan


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