The Driveway: The Saga Continues

Ah yes, where were we? Right, the clean driveway and the need for more layers. Well, later that same day, it started to snow..again. You see this phenomena is so strange to me. Never have I lived in a place were new snow is consistently piling on top of old snow. Even in Germany, it would snow, hang around for a day or two and then melt, all of it would melt; then maybe a month later it would snow again. But here the snow doesn’t go away, it lingers. My husband was grouchy because he would have to shovel the driveway, once again, in the morning so he could get to work. But first we had different task to accomplish, getting the trash and recycling cans out to curb for pick up the next day. Now the fact that round two brought more snow than round one, made it even more fun.


Remember the nice clean driveway? Not so much anymore, and definitely more snow than there was before. In case you were wondering, no the “swirling vortex”, did not come into play this time, so it was perfect even coverage.That’s nice..


So there is the path that he had to cut? Shovel? Shovel-cut? No wait, cut with a shovel. Or would it be plow? Shovel-plow? Oh excuse me…so anyway. He had to..uhh..make a path through a good four inches of snow, down the previously cleaned off driveway. Awesome!


And finished off the job with job with a smiley face, because you just got to smile and find the humor. Especially since said path and smiley face were half way filled in with snow the next day.

In the morning, my husband was less than thrilled about the monumental task that laid before him, and must have expressed his concerns to our neighbor while waiting for the school bus to come. Because when he got back to the house, he excitedly announced that our neighbor had offered to clean off our driveway with his snow blower. (Would have taken pictures, but I don’t like to post a person’s picture with out their permission and/or knowledge, but I digress.) With in a matter of minutes, the whole driveway was cleaned off with minimal effort, and sidewalk in front of our house. Yeah, our neighbor is pretty awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me, we’re going to go buy a snow blower!

Until next time,

The Texan


This picture was taken a couple of hours later. What’s that at the end of the driveway you may ask? Oh just a gift. A gift from the snow plow man. Lovely…


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