The Driveway

Yesterday it snowed a great deal, at our house in lovely Upstate New York. Probably a good 3 inches or so, which to me, is a good amount. It was getting close to time for the kids to get home from school, and I thought I would go out a shovel the walk that leads to our front door and the sidewalk in front of our house. After doing that, and noticing that it did not take very long, I decided to tackle the drive way as well. Also by that point, my hands were already numb and my legs were not far behind, so I figured what was the harm of staying outside a little longer. And if I am to embrace the “fun” of living through such an epic winter, I should not expect my husband to do all the shoveling. So began my noble task… (Not sure if “noble” is the right word, but anyway.)


I hear rumors of driveway hidden somewhere underneath all that snow. Let’s go find it shall we! looks so depressingly grey outside. Hmm..lovely.


Not too bad, it was actually rather light and powdery. But do you ever feel like you are being silently judged? Maybe it was because I kept pulling my phone out to take pictures while shoveling. Which reminds me, I sure wish one could operate a touch screen with out having to take their gloves off..But then again my hands were quite numb by this point anyway. Of course it could have been my technique, I mean is there a proper snow shoveling technique? I don’t know I’m from Texas, and our awesome German landlords did all the snow shoveling for us. Yeah I know we were spoiled…

So back to the snowy driveway…


Thankfully the “swirling vortex”, as we like to call it, over there by the garage door made my job a little easier. Fun Fact! We also have one in our backyard sometimes, but that’s separate story.

Well there you have it! My first ever completely cleaned off driveway, made possible by girl power, elbow grease, and well a snow shovel. I would like to say that it stayed clean and lovely for the rest of day, but that sadly was not the case. I would also like to say sweat pants by themselves are useful at keeping the cold off one’s legs, but that is also not the case. Yep, mama’s gonna need some layers. Tune back in tomorrow as the driveway story continues… : )

Until next time,

The Texan

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