Winter is here

Last month my family and I moved to Upstate New York, because my husband’s job, and at the present are experiencing our first Northeast winter. To make things more interesting, we’re are living in a region that experiences “lake effect” snow. This happens early in the winter when air flowing over the lake, in this case Lake Ontario, is colder than the water. Which in short makes it snow a great deal. On top of that, we are far enough North where it can get crazy cold, like below zero cold. We can also pick up Canadian radio stations, and the “energy saver” sticker on our new washing machine, included the Canadian version. Which that’s cool, and…stuff…I don’t know.

Now I know that there are people that deal with this kind of stuff every year, they’re used to it, and that’s awesome for them. I, however, am from Texas, and a winter of this magnitude sounds, well unsettling. The fact that will be experiencing this kind of weather first hand, and also expected to function on a daily basis is, to me, about as sad and scary as watching Bucky be the Winter Solider. Especially when I am reminded that we have lived in this house for less than a month, and this is our third snow storm. Hmm..yeah.

So like many people, I use humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism, when faced with something unpleasant. Hence the purpose of this blog, to share my thoughts and experiences while living through our first New York winter. The good, the bad, the fun and the unpleasant, because this winter will certainly have a lot of “firsts”.

For example:

My husband and I have had to shovel snow for first time in our lives.

Our kids are wearing snow pants to school, never before have we had to buy them that garment.

Well I can say for certain that it will at least be memorable winter.

Until next time,

The Texan

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